About Beyond Management Group

Beyond Management Group provides services in hospitality general management, computer information technology, training and development, e-marketing, development of internal based technology solutions and web portals (also known as inhouse or internal projects) and cultural exchange programs for international exchange participants.

Beyond Management is an organization which is highly complex in its nature and excels through innovation, creativity and rewarding strategies. Therefore, Beyond Management has designed three distinct wings that focus entirely in their respective area of specialization. These wings are: Beyond Hospitality (BH) -hospitality general management , Beyond Exchange, Inc. (BE) – training and development, and Beyond IT Exchange Inc.(BITE)-Information Technology. Additionally, we have a separate division which specializes in e-marketing/ e-commerce, development of revolutionary innovative internet based technology solutions and web portals that are cost effective and customer driven.

The Beyond Management Team provides multi-faceted, profitable management solutions to leading institutions, corporate investors, and the private sector. We provide owners and investors financial performance, quality assurance, and peace of mind, as well as an optimal balance of financial decisions, maintaining high standards, continuous employee training and motivation to achieve a high level of guest satisfaction.

Through its various wings and division, Beyond Management caters to the needs of not only its various clients amongst these diverse industries but also provides a fantastic platform for students and young professionals to learn and gain relevant experience through one of our programs. We offer several internships, training and employment programs (for both long term and short term), as well as a cultural exchange program. Moreover, experienced professionals get the opportunity to work on our internal projects and at supervisory or management levels, allowing them to further excel and enhance their skills and expertise in the international market.

On the whole, Beyond Management values integrity, change and respect for the individual. We focus on stress learning, sharing and individual creativity. Our success is based on out ability to be flexible while adhering to a strict project management methodology. We encourage personal and professional growth and excellence in our staff through innovation and promotion. We earn the trust of our customers and the respect of our employees through exceptional teamwork, good business and work ethics, and a high level of commitment.


Beyond Management’s mission is to consistently deliver long-term financial benefits to property owners and clients, while eliminating the concerns of day-to-day management. To to provide excellent IT consulting and e-marketing services; continue development of new web portals and upgrade existing ones to provide financial benefits to the company as well as its clients; improve as a brand and continue to expand its presence both nationally and internationally and become a renowned global partner; provide excellent training & employment opportunities that can kick-start any amateur’s career or enhance a professional’s skills on an international level and make us one the most renowned employers; to treat employees fairly and be a great place to work; to exceed customer‘s expectations at every opportunity; to be good corporate citizen within the communities we operate; to outsell the competition and be good leaders. Additionally, as leaders, in global personal training and development, we strive to be recognized by international colleges, universities and business for our exceptional service in identifying, training and developing high qualified individuals.

We will achieve this mission by attracting, developing and retaining superior quality personnel who work productively as a team to out-perform the competition through aggressive marketing and sales programs, superior performance in recognizing and meeting customer needs.

Beyond Management provides superior management of premier hotel properties for owners and asset managers. We position our properties to surpass guest expectations and offer unique hotels and clients with a competitive edge in each market.

Beyond IT Exchange offers competitive services in consulting, technology, web development, and outsouring. We specialize in computer networking, data-basing, web development, system integration, and payment stations.

Beyond IT Exchange develops revolutionary innovative internet based technology solutions and portals that are cost effective and customer driven. Our enterprise web based applications and portals provide an easy to use medium to consumers for buying products/services at discounted prices, and a service to major e-commerce companies in a vast range of markets.

Beyond Exchange specializes in the identification and development of qualified individuals for practical training positions in the American hospitality industry, IT and Engineering industry. Our Supervisory Development Program is appropriate for individuals seeking addtional training in their respective field.