Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2018!
No matter where you are, and how you celebrate this holiday, whether in traditional manner or more in a modern way.
Happy Easter to everyone! May spring bring you all light, sunshine and beautiful beginnings.

IT Specialist

BMI is seeking three (3) full time IT Specialists skilled in IBM WAS BPM server adm, CNFG, MNT, Build & Deploy & troubleshooting of issues rltd to the servers & app deployed/running. adv, superior KNWLG of Perf Testing especially in IBM RPT & HP LoadRunner , SOAPUI Pro.HTTP server, Tomcat, Oracle, WebSphere Server, Portal server. Monitoring tools ITCAMs for WAS & SOA, Manage engine, AIXGRID, Google Analytics & Tivoli Monitoring ITM 5/6. UNIX OS, IBM AIX, VIO, HMC, WPAR, LPAR, HACMP, Virtualization tech, TCP/IP stack, Network logic h/w, high level architecture, Load balancing, Firewall design, JMS, JDBC, JNDI, JMX, SOA, JVM tuning. ANT, XML, PERL & SHELL Scripting, LDAP &Active Directory, WAS 5/6/7/8, WPS6,BPM 7.5/8.5, Oracle 9/10/11, IBM DB2, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i/10g/ RAC/11g, SiteMinder, SAN/Datastorage & SSO concept. Proficient w/ tools IBM RAD, WID, RSA, IID, WINSCP. KNWLG of Rational ClearCase & ClearQuest preferred with SDLC framework & XML/XSLT technologies. Must possess outstanding tech doc skills, perform in a dynamic & multifaceted team with on-call support rotation & should have extremely strong interpersonal & communication skills. BMI will pay a salary of $79394/yr. Must have MS degree in Engineering/IT//rltd field or combination of BS&5yrs of exp. Exp is credited towards edu as 3 yrs of exp=1 yr of college edu. Combination of edu & exp is acceptable.
Please email us your resume at info@beyondmanagement.org

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Business Analyst

Business Analyst

BMG with offices in Atlanta, GA 30346 is hiring three (3) full time Business Analysts who understand the business users’ requirement, lead, conducts interviewing tasks and prepare DWH requirement doc. Invl in design and vld the logical data models. Model, design, and prototype invl in dvlp/vld ETL logic rqr to support info reqmt. Elicit reqmt using data anls, business process des, use cases, scenarios, business analysis, and workflow anls. Decompose high level business reqmt into an app level of business rules and detailed user, functional and nonfunctional req using alt views such as flows, diagrams, models, use cases and state diagrams when applicabl. BL, Data Analystics of the org sys. Provide support for the asset-liability mgr function, Date warehouses for financial anal, axxruals, compiling key ratios, rate dvlp, forecast projections and budgets. Consolidate and deliver data centric project artifacts inc data profile findings, data quality rqmt, business metadata. Extensive Financial and data analysis with the task of providing market risk profile, evaluate, and trend IPA spend rates, estb & secure adequate reserves. BMG will pay a salary of $64,043 per year. Must have Masters in Business Admin/rltd field or combination of BS and 5 years of exp. Exp is credited towards edu as 3 years of exp = 1 year of college education. Combination of education and exp is acceptable.

Questions and resumes can be directed directly to info@ibeyond.org

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Hospitality manager

Management of beyondexchange website, as well as the control panel for the same;

· Train and manage international participants who are currently enrolled in the company’s program;

· Develop training competencies, training plans for H3, Q1 and J1 programs. These training plans are very detailed and complex;

· If acting as third party host for J1 trainees, summer work travelers and or interns, it is also Beneficiary’s job as Hospitality Manager to ensure our obligations to J1 sponsors are met.;

· Schedule employees, observe performance and conduct reviews and evaluation with assistance from International Recruitment Manager;

· Act as a liaison between fresh graduates and their universities; evaluating the applicant profiles, and determining whether the applicant will qualify for any of the petitioner’s training, employment and/or cultural exchange programs;

· Plan, organize and manage mega cultural exchange events along with the cultural exchange participants, coordinate the event management with hotel staff and our Q-1 participants.

· Make budgetary recommendations for the mega events, as well as provide marketing and cost analysis of these events through reports;

· Train participants in Hotel and Property Management System such as Fidelio, Encore, MSI and Profit Manager;

· Web development and site monitoring;

· Work on technologies such html, JavaScript, CSS and server frame works.

d field. Just any degree is not sufficient for this position.

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Melting Pot Was Fine, But Salad Bowl Tastes Better

Back in 1880’s, approximately 25 million Europeans immigrated to the U.S.

Germans, Italians, Jews, Greeks, Hungarians, Russians and other Slavs, the majority of which were younger than 30, boarded up and traveled across the ocean in search for a better life. Their mother Europe was impoverished. While this age has seen the bloody rise of young and optimistic national states, the imperialism that had made Europe what it was was boiling. The First World War would see it shattered to pieces, along with millions of lives. The young people who took the ships a couple of decades earlier wouldn’t witness this. They would survive, even through great economic crises that were to come in the 1930’s.

Even then there were American conservatives, the so-called nativists, who frowned at this flood of immigrants, fearing their lack of adaptability, or even more, their unwillingness to assimilate into whatever they considered to be the one true American framework. The multicultural soup or the melting pot, they claimed, actually turned into a dumping ground. The Immigration Act of 1924 severely limited the number of European and African immigrants, and banned Asian immigrants from entering the U.S. altogether. Asian peoples were therefore proclaimed incompatible. They didn’t pursue happiness in a desirable way, the act seemed to imply. Newcomers even lacked qualifications for breathing American air, it also implied, introducing literacy test for the few ones granted the access to American ground. The act’s purpose was “to preserve the ideal of U.S. homogeneity”.

The American identity has been comprised of so many different cultures that came to seek freedom and conduct their quest for happiness, in their own terms, at times when the rest of the world was quite a disadvantageous place to do so.

This American pot has ever since been a place where all of the cultures melt together. However, it has also aspired to grow into a salad bowl, where the ingredients would never get deprived of their identity, because their respective identities don’t threaten or jeopardize one another. They hoped to become Americans without having to break up with their roots, their past, who they were or what they were trying to become.

Cultural differences shouldn’t make people different, nor should they imply their subservience to one another. “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” wrote Thomas Jefferson.

Today of all times no one can say that America is a perfect place to abide, or to migrate to. No one can claim that it succeeded in conquering its own political, racial, cultural and other demons, nor that it is the safest place to live. But we should still be allowed to say that it is a place which aspires and struggles to become safe, liberal, and respectable, just like the people who inhabit it. Having said that, there are certain people or entities that want to bridge the gap by eliminating racial profiling, stereotypes and misconceptions about certain cultures in America. Companies like Beyond Exchange, is a great example (beyondculturalevents.com). Their International Cultural Exchange Program is just what the country needs, even more now, as the oneness that the country boosts about, is diminishing in the land of immigrants. Programs such as the cultural exchange program from Beyond Exchange allow participants from diverse cultural background to represent their unique cultures, and show the Americans who they really are, and bring about more awareness. This way the Americans can have a better understanding of the different cultures, and people can start trusting each other in this country, before making an opinion on false or no knowledge at all.

The pursuit of happiness has always been an unalienable right. Maybe we should finally stop considering our ways of pursuing it better than anyone else’s.

 Jelena Ciric

Notes From An Immigrant Wanna-Be

This blog is my personal space. As the characters roll down the page, they open up my intimate niche where I can express myself freely.

After I press “Publish”, the process of waiting for reactions begins. Some of those reactions will take a form of approval that comes with likes, comments, shares, but there will also be angry, hateful, scornful reactions that are supposed to make me feel uncomfortable and stop my pen from writing. Or at least, to keep my thoughts to myself rather than making them public.

Internet is a realm where nobody can ban me or tell me that I am undesired, or inappropriate. Everybody is welcome to contribute, for better or worse, in one way or another. Internet is a place where I make use of my unalienable right to say what I mean, head-on and fearlessly. No hate can shake my determination to continue doing so. Three options for you there: you can either accept me for who I am, or you can hate or look down on me for it, or you can downright ignore me.

Let’s dive into my story, then.

A year ago I made friends with an American girl through Facebook. After some time, we found we had a lot in common. She was a passionate cat lover. I was into opera (yes, one can live in Eastern Europe, be a male and still love opera), and kind of infected her with the “disease”, so much so that she gave it a try and was enthralled by it.

We fell in love, entered into innumerable hours-long Skype confessions, conversations and ramblings. She was the first person ever to instantly understand everything I said, even with a language barrier between us. According to her, I was the first man ever not to get bored with her passion for cats.

Naturally, a vis-a-vis encounter was the next logical step. As I live in a country where employment rates have freezed below the zero point (I myself am also unemployed), I had no money to embark on a long and expensive journey. She wanted to send money to me to go to U.S. so we could get married there. However, in the eyes of American policy, I was just another poor immigrant looking for an opportunity to sneak in.

Not to speak of my embarrassment when I set out to explain her that I was not fishing for the Green Card. She never asked me this question, but I felt the obligation to make things clear, just in case.

So she came to Europe for the first time in her life, to see me.

Not much has changed since then. We’ve been engaged for two years now (four years since we started our online relationship), and counting. It’s getting even harder, if not impossible for me, as a Muslim, to go there. Even student scholarships are not an option for a 33-year old.
Last year her grandmother died, and I, her fiance, couldn’t be there to help her through the grief.
She crossed the pond three times to see me. She got interested in my way of life, my personal history, my childhood spent in a communist country, so different and so unfathomable to her. I learned everything about her Nordic ancestry, as well as modern and fast American lifestyle. I got to meet her parents through Skype, and they accepted me, never questioning my intentions.

Two small human beings have crossed the cultural boundaries. A thing that a great state such as hers cannot, or doesn’t want to do.


About myself – Priya G.

I acquired my degree in Hotel Management from Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland. During my years in Switzerland, I learned the basic operations of a hotel specifically in the Food and Beverage and Rooms Division departments. I realized then that I had an affinity for the hospitality industry and decided to pursue a career in the industry. I had an opportunity to come to the United States to further my education in Hospitality Management Program. I started my first job as Cultural Exchange Coordinator’s position at Beyond Management Inc. There I achieved hands on management experience which allowed me to further solidify my passion for the Hospitality Industry. Interacting with associates and working with teams on a daily basis taught me a lot about the industry and how the needs of clients can be met. This experience eventually helped me obtain my current position as Hospitality Manager at Beyond Management Inc. Working with this company has helped me attained some great work experience and I have been fortunate to have the guidance of Beyond Management which has provided me with the tools necessary to succeed in achieving my goals. The opportunity to work with Beyond Management Inc. has enables me to discover every day what the industry is really about. In the years I have been working with the company, I have grown with it, enjoyed exiting opportunities and experiences and also discovered a lot about myself. I consider myself very lucky to have had this opportunity and would recommend Beyond Management Inc. to anybody looking to develop their skills and to acquire knowledge from the best.

Hola Atlanta

As most of you should know by now, after hearing from me on some of my frequent calls to you, almost 4 months ago I arrived from south of the border. This country and this city were not unfamiliar to me, since part of my previous job involved constant visits to the country on business trips. I also had the opportunity to do an internship in South Carolina in 2001 and have Mr. Aziz as my Hospitality Manager. 13 years later, we met again for this opportunity that this Company provided me to join the team and be part of Beyond Management.

I am one of the professionals in this team that come from the Hospitality industry. An industry that I have always loved. My background includes Food and Beverage, Front Office, Guest Relations and Rooms Division operations and most recently, 7 years in the Quality Department of an international hotels Company. I always say that I am a “People’s person”, meaning that I enjoy working with people. Part of my role as a Management Consultant in our Organization, is precisely to work closely with each and all of you, to improve the communication within our team and to support you in any need or concern you may have. I am very happy to be able to work with all of you and I would like to wrap-up with some “food for thought”:

The various features and aspects of human life, such as longevity, good health, success, happiness, and so forth, which we consider desirable, are all dependent on kindness and a good heart.” Dalai Lama


Altering Pathways

To change or alter a pathway may be frightening and overwhelming for many individuals. I knew a woman once who was terrified of change. She had adjusted to the life she lived that consistently remained stable and predictable. The uneasiness that is followed by transitioning into a complete different setting was unbearable for her. Her day regularly consist of attending school for a few hours, then spending the rest of the day at home in a daze wondering what the future may hold. As time progressed, she began to realize that she wanted more from life than the route she was taking. She yearned for a pathway that was filled with adventures, struggles, and opportunities that could only be imagined. It wasn’t until a bright and sunny morning where she woke up and felt a strong desire to change her destiny. She stopped being afraid and left her comfort zone to enter a world that was unpredictable. She entered the corporate industry and in to the world of Beyond Management.

Although it was difficult and consist of different aspects and responsibilities she wasn’t used to, she worked hard to achieve her goals and to create a life that she could be proud of. Ironically, the woman I’m describing is me. I’m proud to say that I am a part of the the Beyond Management team. We’re a big family that consist of strong and intelligent individuals all on the pursuit of success and happiness. I’ve learned an immense amount of information during my time here and have had the honor of meeting the most incredible people I’ve ever come across. Our Beyond Exchange participants consist of individuals that have traveled a long distance to come here and join our lovely team. It takes a lot of strength and courage to endure a transition this severe, which was enlightening and inspiring. In conclusion, many times we may be afraid to change a routine pathway, but the future holds many opportunities that can only be brought upon us if we give it a chance.

Shenel Daeizadeh
Executive Administrative Assistant

Role of Mentors

To be successful in any field, aspiring leaders require role models and guidance. This is especially true in consulting domain as an increasing number of its employees; managers opt for work outside of the traditional office setting or leave to start careers in client locations or in a totally new field in a totally new place. At some point during your career, you may have considered following someone as a role model or becoming like someone from your workplace who has mentored you in the beginning stages of your career, I have few experiences which I would like to share with you which helped me grow and sustain in my career as a Consultant.

At BM everyone treats you like their good friend, and through friendship they teach each other, help each other and are honest with each other. And sometimes they want to have conversations about things that you stumble upon and provide examples of overcoming those road blocks. As young professionals we may not be accustomed to an organization’s practices and acceptable behaviors’ but at BM they assign a mentor to coach new employees during the adjustment period to help them get up to speed with real-world knowledge that bridges the gap between Educational degree and actual business practices i.e. When I’m getting ready for a difficult conversation where I know others will disagree with my opinion, my mentors at BM advised me to take time to understand their side of the issue and look for as many areas of agreement before dealing with the disagreements, they also helped me Role-play the conversation which I am supposed to have with my Project manager. I have a very supportive atmosphere at BM where the goal is not to achieve good Client relationship and product development but also concentrates in developing employees in their weak areas gives us a chance to perform better at our projects through which the company also benefits.

Few examples of how BM mentoring helped my career, BM taught me:

  1. How to monitor my non-verbal communication (i.e., body language, posture, and eye contact) and to seek feedback on any possible negative messages that I might be sending to my Client/Customer or co-workers.
  2. How to participate and observe dynamics if there is a conflict conversation between two management units by my negotiation skills/conflict resolution process which I learnt while working with BM.
  3. How to implement “Continuous learning” environment, as mentors and mentees make mistakes at work but then when mistakes are made, bring a small group together to discuss any possible lessons learned and ensure that the information is shared in the meeting without dear or retribution.
  4. How to respond appropriately and increase my sensitivity to different issues with co-workers.
  5. How to create our own personal guiding principles for exceeding customer expectations.

These mentors whom I came across in BM weren’t those who provide formal training to employees but by just working with them, talking to them and maintaining a good relationship we can learn the tricks of the trade, develop leadership skills, and also become connected to new professional and organizational contacts. The main message that BM focused on their employees was that: At the end of the day, we should look for opportunities to make your Client/Customer’s happy.

I have created my list of people who I would like to get to know better in building better relationships as they are the key critiques who would give honest feedback and help you grow in your career.

Mirza M Baig
Programmer Analyst/Support


Hello All

Hello All, I would like to share some memories of BM with all of you.

I am SHARAYU from India. I have completed my BE in Computer Engineering from Datta Meghe College. As other pass-outs I too was searching job after completion of BE. I came to know about Beyond Management from my training and placement faculty.

It was last week of December 2010, when BM came for campus recruitment in my college. As it was US company everyone was ready to face the interview with complete zeal and enthusiasm. There were two batches. First batch had already completed its GD and aptitude test. I was in second batch. Firstly there was an aptitude test comprising of quantitative and English questions. The test was of 1 hour. After 2 hours, Group discussion took place. The topic that was given to me was ” India better as unity or individual”. I tried my best to present my view about the given topic. Then I got a face to face interview. I faced all the rounds with complete confidence and honesty which served as the unlocking codes.

After 5 hours of wait, when I was told that I was selected, my joy had no bounds. This was the best pal in my life and I was very happy couldn’t wait to tell the news to my parents. I was given an introduction about Beyond Management. Within two months our application process started. The administrative stuff guided me throughout the procedure. They cleared every smallest,biggest & silliest queries of ours. Now I am ready to come and I am eagerly waiting to serve BM with complete handwork & dedication who has given me a chance for international exposure.

Sharayu Patil
Programmer Analyst/Support


Hi Everyone, I am Anuja from India

I have completed my engineering in Information Technology from Mumbai University. I studied in Datta Meghe College of engineering. Here is piece of my experience with Beyond Management Group.

After Completion of my engineering I was looking for a good opportunity to get into an IT industry. In December 2010, Beyond Management Group conducted a Recruitment Drive in my college. The day began with very intriguing PPT by Mr.Siddharth Rao. At the end he announced the placement procedure which honestly got on my nerves. There were three rounds which included Aptitude test, Group Discussion and Technical+HR interview. I cleared the aptitude test as well as the GD but the most challenging round was the third one. All you need to do is just be true to your resume and be confident. Everything goes well.

Just like any other candidate I was eagerly waiting for the results. After some days my mobile beeped and then came the magical moments when my name was there in the final list  …Within a week I got my offer letter and then the HR TEAM took the responsibility of my visa .They guided me through the complete visa process. Finally my visa got approved. I will be joining BMG very soon. I am very glad to get an opportunity to work in such a multicultural and challenging environment. Thanks to BM Team 

Anuja More
Programmer Analyst/Support

May 31st

May 31st is “What You Think Upon Grows Day”!

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