Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2018!
No matter where you are, and how you celebrate this holiday, whether in traditional manner or more in a modern way.
Happy Easter to everyone! May spring bring you all light, sunshine and beautiful beginnings.

Notes From An Immigrant Wanna-Be

This blog is my personal space. As the characters roll down the page, they open up my intimate niche where I can express myself freely.

After I press “Publish”, the process of waiting for reactions begins. Some of those reactions will take a form of approval that comes with likes, comments, shares, but there will also be angry, hateful, scornful reactions that are supposed to make me feel uncomfortable and stop my pen from writing. Or at least, to keep my thoughts to myself rather than making them public.

Internet is a realm where nobody can ban me or tell me that I am undesired, or inappropriate. Everybody is welcome to contribute, for better or worse, in one way or another. Internet is a place where I make use of my unalienable right to say what I mean, head-on and fearlessly. No hate can shake my determination to continue doing so. Three options for you there: you can either accept me for who I am, or you can hate or look down on me for it, or you can downright ignore me.

Let’s dive into my story, then.

A year ago I made friends with an American girl through Facebook. After some time, we found we had a lot in common. She was a passionate cat lover. I was into opera (yes, one can live in Eastern Europe, be a male and still love opera), and kind of infected her with the “disease”, so much so that she gave it a try and was enthralled by it.

We fell in love, entered into innumerable hours-long Skype confessions, conversations and ramblings. She was the first person ever to instantly understand everything I said, even with a language barrier between us. According to her, I was the first man ever not to get bored with her passion for cats.

Naturally, a vis-a-vis encounter was the next logical step. As I live in a country where employment rates have freezed below the zero point (I myself am also unemployed), I had no money to embark on a long and expensive journey. She wanted to send money to me to go to U.S. so we could get married there. However, in the eyes of American policy, I was just another poor immigrant looking for an opportunity to sneak in.

Not to speak of my embarrassment when I set out to explain her that I was not fishing for the Green Card. She never asked me this question, but I felt the obligation to make things clear, just in case.

So she came to Europe for the first time in her life, to see me.

Not much has changed since then. We’ve been engaged for two years now (four years since we started our online relationship), and counting. It’s getting even harder, if not impossible for me, as a Muslim, to go there. Even student scholarships are not an option for a 33-year old.
Last year her grandmother died, and I, her fiance, couldn’t be there to help her through the grief.
She crossed the pond three times to see me. She got interested in my way of life, my personal history, my childhood spent in a communist country, so different and so unfathomable to her. I learned everything about her Nordic ancestry, as well as modern and fast American lifestyle. I got to meet her parents through Skype, and they accepted me, never questioning my intentions.

Two small human beings have crossed the cultural boundaries. A thing that a great state such as hers cannot, or doesn’t want to do.


About myself – Priya G.

I acquired my degree in Hotel Management from Hotel Institute Montreux, Switzerland. During my years in Switzerland, I learned the basic operations of a hotel specifically in the Food and Beverage and Rooms Division departments. I realized then that I had an affinity for the hospitality industry and decided to pursue a career in the industry. I had an opportunity to come to the United States to further my education in Hospitality Management Program. I started my first job as Cultural Exchange Coordinator’s position at Beyond Management Inc. There I achieved hands on management experience which allowed me to further solidify my passion for the Hospitality Industry. Interacting with associates and working with teams on a daily basis taught me a lot about the industry and how the needs of clients can be met. This experience eventually helped me obtain my current position as Hospitality Manager at Beyond Management Inc. Working with this company has helped me attained some great work experience and I have been fortunate to have the guidance of Beyond Management which has provided me with the tools necessary to succeed in achieving my goals. The opportunity to work with Beyond Management Inc. has enables me to discover every day what the industry is really about. In the years I have been working with the company, I have grown with it, enjoyed exiting opportunities and experiences and also discovered a lot about myself. I consider myself very lucky to have had this opportunity and would recommend Beyond Management Inc. to anybody looking to develop their skills and to acquire knowledge from the best.

May 31st

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Memorial Day!

In the US we are celebrating Memorial Day today!

Originally called “Decoration Day”, this holiday commemorates US Soldiers who died in military service and is a special day we pay tribute to their sacrifice and celebrate their lives.


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Happy MAY!

We hope you are having a great time and enjoying this wonderful spring!

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