Management of beyondexchange website, as well as the control panel for the same;

· Train and manage international participants who are currently enrolled in the company’s program;

· Develop training competencies, training plans for H3, Q1 and J1 programs. These training plans are very detailed and complex;

· If acting as third party host for J1 trainees, summer work travelers and or interns, it is also Beneficiary’s job as Hospitality Manager to ensure our obligations to J1 sponsors are met.;

· Schedule employees, observe performance and conduct reviews and evaluation with assistance from International Recruitment Manager;

· Act as a liaison between fresh graduates and their universities; evaluating the applicant profiles, and determining whether the applicant will qualify for any of the petitioner’s training, employment and/or cultural exchange programs;

· Plan, organize and manage mega cultural exchange events along with the cultural exchange participants, coordinate the event management with hotel staff and our Q-1 participants.

· Make budgetary recommendations for the mega events, as well as provide marketing and cost analysis of these events through reports;

· Train participants in Hotel and Property Management System such as Fidelio, Encore, MSI and Profit Manager;

· Web development and site monitoring;

· Work on technologies such html, JavaScript, CSS and server frame works.

d field. Just any degree is not sufficient for this position.

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