Sales & Marketing Training Programs

Our sales and marketing professionals take a strategic approach to promoting your property through careful analysis of target markets, development of innovative programs and monitoring of results. To accomplish these goals, Beyond Management invests substantial training dollars over and above what the brands require.

  • Every salesperson completes a Professional Selling Skills (PSS) course, a comprehensive 3 1/2 day course that teaches the four step sales process. This training is reinforced with an ongoing sales shopping program so that ongoing training and support can be followed through.
  • In addition to PSS, Beyond Management believes in taking advantage of every brand training and marketing initiative made available.
  • Our front desk associates are considered an extension of our sales department and receive ongoing reservation training with the goal of converting more inquiries to sales. This training and shopping service is done through a company called The Hotel Shopping Network.

Sales and Marketing is a critical part of a results-oriented strategy that drives consistent, above-average revenues to each of our hotels. To ensure sales and marketing efforts are appropriate, given highest priority, and reflect our corporate culture of excellence, Beyond Management provides strong corporate support to hotel marketing departments through our Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Area Sales Supervisors.
We identify, recruit, and orient top sales professionals to achieve and exceed revenue goals. Our managers lead the sales effort. They set an example of dedicated excellence to the initiatives that build account/client relationships, expand community involvement, harness key selling hours, create site tour opportunities, and actively and properly position their hotels in their markets.

Our philosophy of building strong hotel sales and marketing teams and our commitment to support their efforts at the corporate level give Beyond Management hotels an edge and contribute greatly to their success. Our policy of corporate superintendence does not undermine hotel initiative but supports it.

While each flag brand is responsible for driving marketing efforts, Beyond Management actively participates as full brand partners. We invest in sales and marketing initiatives that unleash the full communication power of both interactive and traditional sales and marketing tools. Together with important online selling resources, industry reports, and a state-of-the-art sales data management system, we take full advantage of data mining to target, create, measure, and track our sales and marketing communications.

Beyond Management places special emphasis on a strong and effective sales and marketing department. Sales works strongly on two levels, locally and nationally. Major consideration is placed on working with managers to better enable them to work with their sales staff. Following careful research, strategic marketing plans are put in place for each property in the portfolio and reviewed quarterly. Marketing dollars are carefully allocated and accurate market segment tracking is reviewed to assure that the monies are being spent wisely. In order to further promote sales and marketing, major national conventions such as HSMAI, NTA and ABA are attended regularly.
The sales and marketing department works closely with an in-house graphic artist to provide cost effective, full-service graphic design. The department handles all advertising including direct mail, print media, radio, television and billboards.

In managing the sales process at Beyond Management, we believe in a heavy emphasis on direct selling and outside sales calls. Below is an outline of the services provided by beyond management to the hotels.

  • Hands-On Sales Training
  • Quarterly Power Sales Meetings to keep our teams energized and focused featuring renowned guest speaker.
  • Sales Blitz Coordination
  • Identify Top Accounts and Top Account Management
  • Action Planning by Account
  • Successful Saturation of Accounts
  • Sales File System Implementation
  • Professional Selling Skills Training Program
  • Front Office and Reservation Capture Training Program
  • Sales Meeting and Customized Sales Programs
  • Sales Manuals/Procedure Guides Created
  • Sales Department Audit Procedures Created
  • Aligning of Sales Markets and Workflow Management
  • Smarter Prospecting Ideas for Today’s Business Climate
  • Ongoing Management of Sales Processes
  • Getting the GM on Board with Owning the Sales Process
  • Getting the Most out of your Franchise Resources
  • Time Management
  • Sales Call Shopping Program Implementation
  • Setup of Company Cross Sell Program


  • Customized Marketing Plans
  • Competition Analysis
  • Individual Advertising Campaigns
  • Public Relations Plans
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Frequent Customer/Guest Programs
  • Personalized Hotel Videos
  • Resources to Market during Need Times
  • Getting the Most out of your Franchise Resources

Associated Benefits

Training & Development

  • Market assessment and analysis
  • Reopening budgeting and staffing
  • Production of five year operating proformas
  • Review for operational issues
  • Complete walk through
  • Franchise recommendation

HR & Risk Management

  • Leadership development training programs
  • Employee focus group facilitation
  • Active college recruiting program
  • Behavioral interviewing structure
  • Labor law compliance support
  • Internal payroll processing system
  • Fully automated human resource information system

Revenue Management Finance & Accounting

  • Cash control supervision
  • Quarterly payroll analysis
  • Coordination of external audits
  • Monthly profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet produced and distributed
  • Annual operational audits

Data processing / IT

Sales & Marketing

Food & Beverage

Hotel Operation & Management