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Editor's Letter

It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2013 is already behind us. Did you make any new years resolutions, i.e. goals you hope to accomplish this year? If so, have you been focusing on them? Or are you like the majority of us and have already forgotten about them?

Regardless of how you decide to start the New Year, it’s important to stay connected to “yourself” and listen to what that inner voice is telling you. We can’t always control what happens around us, but we can choose how we react to what happens. This is a great way to connect with what is most important to you and will help you stay focused on what matters most. Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone in order to really see the great opportunities that lie before us. If you keep an open mind, the possibilities for your future are endless!

This month’s edition of the Broadcaster is focused on the idea of “stepping out of your comfort zone”. We are excited to share with you a personal and inspirational article from one of BMG’s employees on this very topic. Thank you and remember to always stay positive!

And last but not least, be sure to read the insightful article written by one of BMG"s Executives regarding the amazing Beyond Family. This heartfelt article offers a great glimpse into the world of Beyond Management, including details of what we have accomplished in 2012 and our vision for 2013.

"Altering Pathways"

To change or alter a pathway may be frightening and overwhelming for many individuals. I knew a woman once who was terrified of change. She had adjusted to the life she lived that consistently remained stable and predictable. The uneasiness that is followed by transitioning into a complete different setting was unbearable for her. Her day regularly consist of attending school for a few hours, then spending the rest of the day at home in a daze wondering what the future may hold. As time progressed, she began to realize that she wanted more from life than the route she was taking. She yearned for a pathway that was filled with adventures, struggles, and opportunities that could only be imagined. It wasn't until a bright and sunny morning where she woke up and felt a strong desire to change her destiny. She stopped being afraid and left her comfort zone to enter a world that was unpredictable. She entered the corporate industry and in to the world of Beyond Management.

Although it was difficult and consist of different aspects and responsibilities she wasn't used to, she worked hard to achieve her goals and to create a life that she could be proud of. Ironically, the woman I’m describing is me. I’m proud to say that I am a part of the the Beyond Management team. We’re a big family that consist of strong and intelligent individuals all on the pursuit of success and happiness. I’ve learned an immense amount of information during my time here and have had the honor of meeting the most incredible people I’ve ever come across. Our Beyond Exchange participants consist of individuals that have traveled a long distance to come here and join our lovely team. It takes a lot of strength and courage to endure a transition this severe, which was enlightening and inspiring. In conclusion, many times we may be afraid to change a routine pathway, but the future holds many opportunities that can only be brought upon us if we give it a chance.

By: Shenel Daeizadeh/Executive Administrative Assistant, US

"Beyond Family 2012-2013"

When the newsletter team asked me to write this, I was wondering how and where to begin and suddenly, it hit me that not very long ago I was writing the same for the 2011 year. I know it’s a month late and we have already said our good byes to 2012, but it won’t be fair if we don’t look back and take a journey into one of the most dramatic and challenging years in BMG history so far.

You all know our group employs foreign workers on H1B visas and just like other companies, we were hit hard by US Consulates abroad with stamping issues; an issue which is ongoing and needs a legislative change for a permanent fix. We all have a voice and we all must be heard, I encourage each and every one of you, whose life was or currently is being impacted by the abuse of power of various US Consulates abroad to reach out to your local lawmakers and make your voice heard. We did our part and continue to do so in the best extent possible. In 2012, we were lucky to get reaffirmation on many of our cases that were returned by the US Consulates overseas and some of those effected employees are already here. Those who are still out there, we ensure them that everything is being done to get them here so they can begin their employment with us. From filing lawsuits in US District Courts to exerting pressure from the lawmakers, we are keeping busy and won’t back down until every single one of you who legitimately and within the law are supposed to be here working for us, arrives here safely. Not a single one of us will EVER be left behind, no matter how long it may take and THAT IS OUR SOLID OATH TO YOU.

Many of our H1B employees work on in-house projects and some on various client sites. We made improvements in our internal projects division in 2012, improved our first ever, unique dating site, and launched a new coupon site, All with the help of our dedicated IT team in the Boston area.

Since we expanded our internal projects division, it required us to expand our development center space; we improved and renovated our IT Development Center in Norcross, GA and Boston, MA.

In April 2012, we had a major breakdown of all banks accounts and payroll processing...we were able to lift the hold within a few days, thanks to our attorneys and a few parties are being sued, including a major US bank (I am not at liberty to say the same as the case is still pending). A few weeks ago, we won the first battle and hurdle and the judge rendered a decision against the bank, a good sign and we will continue to keep our fingers crossed.

In 2012, we marked the start of our negotiations with the United Kingdom Boarder Agency (UKBA) regarding the renewal of Tier 2 and allocation of Tier 5 sponsoring license. We are pleased to announce that after a long and hard legal fight, we got our license renewed and once we achieve a few items in a proposed action plan by UKBA, we will be able to begin work on the Tier 5 sponsoring license. In 2012 we also successfully initiated our Umbrella Company IT program in the entire United Kingdom, big kudos to the UK BMG team!

Having successfully started our international offices in Canada and UK, we are now fully operational and live in Pakistan and India...In Pakistan we operate under the name of Etechnologien Pvt. Ltd. and in India, BMInfosys Pvt Ltd.

It has been an amazing year, 2012. For the world, it has faced wonderful events besides some misery caused by army attacks in Palestine and psycho shootings in the US. For me, 2012 has brought great fortune and hopefully a very bright career ahead. It has been sheer hard work for me to become part of an outstanding company, Beyond Management Group Inc. I am grateful to God for giving me a wonderful Mother, a great family, helping friends, understanding colleagues and an amazing job. I am thankful to you God, for everything that I am today. My wishes are for everyone who has gained something this year and my condolences for people who have lost their loved ones. Happy Holidays Beyonders!!

And the year wrap-up won’t be complete, if we don’t talk about various fun International Weeks and festivals our Q1 participants organized so passionately, I am sure we all had fun in each one of them and we hope to have more exciting yet daring events coming up in 2013. National Conference and Retreat was a blast at least for me and I am sure those who attended had memories to cherish...thanks to the Retreat Management Team for working so hard on this. Can’t wait for the 2013 surprise venue.

I can probably go one for another two pages but our space and my words are limited by the strict guidelines of our newsletter editor in chief. I sign off today in sincere appreciation and ultimate debt to every one of you, including the administrative and management team, for giving your days and nights to this Group and above all believing in what we stand for. These are not just words but are coming from the depths of truth. Every single one of you, who’s still here with us, in some part or other, physically or emotionally, is here to make a difference and you do that everyday and we acknowledge and feel it everyday.

2013 is already a great year and it will be super amazing for all of us...Don’t you all forget, WE ARE NOT JUST ANOTHER CORPORATION BUT A WIND OF POSITIVE CHANGE AND A LIFE STYLE!!!

By: Faisal Aziz/ME, US

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Muhammad ALi Maken
Programmer Analyst/Support
Atlanta, GA
Home Country: US


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