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Role of Mentors

To be successful in any field, aspiring leaders require role models and guidance. This is especially true in consulting domain as an increasing number of its employees; managers opt for work outside of the traditional office setting or leave to start careers in client locations or in a totally new field in a totally new place. At some point during your career, you may have considered following someone as a role model or becoming like someone from your workplace who has mentored you in the beginning stages of your career, I have few experiences which I would like to share with you which helped me grow and sustain in my career as a Consultant.

At BM everyone treats you like their good friend, and through friendship they teach each other, help each other and are honest with each other. And sometimes they want to have conversations about things that you stumble upon and provide examples of overcoming those road blocks. As young professionals we may not be accustomed to an organization’s practices and acceptable behaviors’ but at BM they assign a mentor to coach new employees during the adjustment period to help them get up to speed with real-world knowledge that bridges the gap between Educational degree and actual business practices i.e. When I’m getting ready for a difficult conversation where I know others will disagree with my opinion, my mentors at BM advised me to take time to understand their side of the issue and look for as many areas of agreement before dealing with the disagreements, they also helped me Role-play the conversation which I am supposed to have with my Project manager. I have a very supportive atmosphere at BM where the goal is not to achieve good Client relationship and product development but also concentrates in developing employees in their weak areas gives us a chance to perform better at our projects through which the company also benefits.

Few examples of how BM mentoring helped my career, BM taught me:

  1. How to monitor my non-verbal communication (i.e., body language, posture, and eye contact) and to seek feedback on any possible negative messages that I might be sending to my Client/Customer or co-workers.
  2. How to participate and observe dynamics if there is a conflict conversation between two management units by my negotiation skills/conflict resolution process which I learnt while working with BM.
  3. How to implement “Continuous learning” environment, as mentors and mentees make mistakes at work but then when mistakes are made, bring a small group together to discuss any possible lessons learned and ensure that the information is shared in the meeting without dear or retribution.
  4. How to respond appropriately and increase my sensitivity to different issues with co-workers.
  5. How to create our own personal guiding principles for exceeding customer expectations.

These mentors whom I came across in BM weren’t those who provide formal training to employees but by just working with them, talking to them and maintaining a good relationship we can learn the tricks of the trade, develop leadership skills, and also become connected to new professional and organizational contacts. The main message that BM focused on their employees was that: At the end of the day, we should look for opportunities to make your Client/Customer’s happy.

I have created my list of people who I would like to get to know better in building better relationships as they are the key critiques who would give honest feedback and help you grow in your career.

Mirza M Baig
Programmer Analyst/Support


Hello All

Hello All, I would like to share some memories of BM with all of you.

I am SHARAYU from India. I have completed my BE in Computer Engineering from Datta Meghe College. As other pass-outs I too was searching job after completion of BE. I came to know about Beyond Management from my training and placement faculty.

It was last week of December 2010, when BM came for campus recruitment in my college. As it was US company everyone was ready to face the interview with complete zeal and enthusiasm. There were two batches. First batch had already completed its GD and aptitude test. I was in second batch. Firstly there was an aptitude test comprising of quantitative and English questions. The test was of 1 hour. After 2 hours, Group discussion took place. The topic that was given to me was ” India better as unity or individual”. I tried my best to present my view about the given topic. Then I got a face to face interview. I faced all the rounds with complete confidence and honesty which served as the unlocking codes.

After 5 hours of wait, when I was told that I was selected, my joy had no bounds. This was the best pal in my life and I was very happy couldn’t wait to tell the news to my parents. I was given an introduction about Beyond Management. Within two months our application process started. The administrative stuff guided me throughout the procedure. They cleared every smallest,biggest & silliest queries of ours. Now I am ready to come and I am eagerly waiting to serve BM with complete handwork & dedication who has given me a chance for international exposure.

Sharayu Patil
Programmer Analyst/Support


Hi Everyone, I am Anuja from India

I have completed my engineering in Information Technology from Mumbai University. I studied in Datta Meghe College of engineering. Here is piece of my experience with Beyond Management Group.

After Completion of my engineering I was looking for a good opportunity to get into an IT industry. In December 2010, Beyond Management Group conducted a Recruitment Drive in my college. The day began with very intriguing PPT by Mr.Siddharth Rao. At the end he announced the placement procedure which honestly got on my nerves. There were three rounds which included Aptitude test, Group Discussion and Technical+HR interview. I cleared the aptitude test as well as the GD but the most challenging round was the third one. All you need to do is just be true to your resume and be confident. Everything goes well.

Just like any other candidate I was eagerly waiting for the results. After some days my mobile beeped and then came the magical moments when my name was there in the final list  …Within a week I got my offer letter and then the HR TEAM took the responsibility of my visa .They guided me through the complete visa process. Finally my visa got approved. I will be joining BMG very soon. I am very glad to get an opportunity to work in such a multicultural and challenging environment. Thanks to BM Team 

Anuja More
Programmer Analyst/Support

Gautam Rajput – IT employee

My story with Beyond? …well lets take it from the start – a student’s joined from Bombay to US with hopes of a Masters degree and ambitions of becoming a millionaire. I came to US in 2008 to pursue my Masters at NC State in Computer Engg, which was probably the most enriching experience of my academic life. After about 2 years of intense ( yet sometimes frivolous ) education and some wonderful projects which can put a smile on any geek’s face 🙂 I finally received my MS Degree in May 2010 and correspondingly, the short-lasting grin of profound wisdom on my countenance.

  Now starts the second part of my journey …you know,  the ‘becoming a millionaire’ part of it – the obvious first step being – finding a decent job. Even though I was well aware of Beyond Management’s IT services, thanks to one of my senior friends, its at this crucial interstitial that I got acquainted with the inner working of the company when I finally became an employee of Beyond Management. The next 2 months encompassed some elementary training into my specialized field and the application process ( which, trust me, is a full time job in itself! ). Finally after eons of hard work, application / interview /rejection ( eons – exaggeration implied!) I finally landed my first project with Verizon. And here comes the part where I earn come brownie points by thanking our HR team for their diligent effort in helping us out through the entire process and the subsequent bucket-load of paperwork  … literally!

So, with dwindling finances and deafening ambitions, I finally waded the waters of the US IT Corporate industry – a fascinating menagerie of bleeding-edge technologies, fresh challenges, new opportunities and frankly, logic-defying politics! 🙂  Currently I am working for a project with CSX for almost a year and will perhaps for the near future. Traversing on the same path, on my third project with Beyond, building a stronger relation with our team by the day and working towards a long-time relation which goes beyond the humdrums of the employee-employer contractual obligations 🙂

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