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ECP (Etechnologien Certified Professional) ™ 

This certification aims towards brushing your university education and any field experience in specific related areas of focus, by introducing you to new and innovative ways of doing thingswhile using cutting edge technologies and enhanced monitoring. For instance Middleware-this short, on demand and ultramodern program includes specialized courses in latest Middleware such as JBoss, Tomcat, WebLogicWebSphere and the application of such Middleware this year, and beyond, Post Covid, and in Cloud. The program is the latestmost enhanced yet comprehensive addition to benchmark courses offered by the company under the Etechnologien flagship platform. 

The enrollees in the program are already expected to know that Middleware manages the interaction between disparate applications across the mixed computer platforms. A Middleware Expert solves technical problems which involve large scale inter-disciplinary goals with multiple, assortedand distributed systems that are embedded in networks at multiple levels. Once you are Certified, you will go beyond the boundaries of just solving the problemsbut exploring & engaging in a larger team environment. This will help you gain subject matter expertise related to the latest industry standards plus teaching you the newest trends of effective communication and problem management.  

Certification Advantages 

This Certification offers an interactive learning experience that will engage you in elevated level of real time scenariosgenuine issues and actual case studies that are ten (10) steps ahead of University or College level case studies, those that may have now been obsolete and or redundant. The Certification will be customized and tailored to your needs and will sharpen your edges to make you a better engineer and ultimately a more strategized problem solver. Our enterprise level infrastructure and technologies change and adopt every few months with the industry needs and demands. We stay in touch with the renowned software solutions and adopt current trends while working with the subject matter experts so we can keep you ahead of the market. The course is designed in a way that will make the process, most convenient and effective for youECP will also provide an interactive platform that will let you engage with real time users so you can focus on the fundamentals, manage outcomes and have a greatly improved work performancewherever your career may take you, after you are ECP CERTIFIED.  

The Learning Curve:

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ECP learning curve – Explained.  

Step 1 – Ready to go

Attend ECP 101 

ECP 101 offers a detailed overview of the Course, along with firsthand introduction to the infrastructure & technologies. This will also act as your orientation and will help figure out your current skill level and where you want to be after the completion of the certification. You will be able to choose the Middleware Technology you would like to focus on, or get advice from our experts, as to what is the demand of the era. 

Step 2 – Industry Prepared

Take the professional training 

The follow-on to the ECP 101, is the Industry Preparation Training. Over a period of various interactive or recorded engagement days, you will learn how to work with different Middleware solutions and Operating Systems in alignment with the principles of the Three (3) Tier Architecture. You will build environments and practice under the guidance and coaching of experts, while learning how to address many of the challenges and nuances that may appear during the actual build process and to ensure no interruption (No Downtime) and stability of those environments built. Individuals upon successfully completing this course along with a follow-up assessment, will earn the ECP Certificate and credentials. Certification cost : USD 6000.

ECP training is currently being provided in Information Technology, Business Management and Hotel & Tourism Management.

Step 3 – Become the Expert

There are many pathways to deepen your knowledge and apply what you already know in the Real World. “Becoming the Expert” phase will help you get there by letting you focus on what is need of the hour, and what you can excel at. We will filter out the clutter, confusion and technical mumbo-jumbo while simplifying the concepts for you. You will only focus on what is important and how you can achieve the maximum efficiency in pressurized work environment. You will be interacting with team of experts including Design Tech Leads, to Project Managers to Chief Engineers, who will show you what a Middleware Engineer is expected to do and what are some vital Dos and Don’ts of the Industry. You will be introduced to the following sub technologies within Middleware: 

DevOps integration via OpenShift/Jenkins/Ansible and Containers
Monitoring through Splunk, Dynatrace and App Dynamics,
Agile workforce environment basics
Incident Process Management including Change Management 

A certificate and credentials be provided by Etechnologien at the end of Step 3.  

Step 4 – Take the Challenge

Some will move towards taking the advanced courses that will take a deeper dive in one of the sub technologies or any of the monitoring tools, highlighted above, while others will apply directly to existing opportunities available within the Company. The courses are not a prerequisite to employment within the Company. You can use these advanced courses to have your skills further enhanced with vigorous troubleshooting and real time incident management.  

Additional Benefits: 

Benefits of completing any of our flagship courses include: 

  1. Adding you to a professional certified network; 
  2. Access to the latest opportunities available in the market; 
  3. Re-attending refresher courses at a discounted price; 
  4. Invitation to exclusive live webinars, face to face conferences, workshops, and various other training and cultural events exclusively for those who have the certified credentials; 
  5. An opportunity to email and engage with alumni of experts. 

Mentorship is available and those interested should email us at for more info on our exclusive Mentor Program.