Beyond Management Group Services

General Management

We provide General Management Services “GMS” starting from expert yet quick historic review of available reports, to root cause analysis of issues, drafting of new operating plans, reconciliation of accounting methodologies and ending up at optimizing bottom line by reinventing the wheel, for:

  1. Tourism Sector 
  2. Hotels and Resorts 
  3. Startup Businesses including those in Mergers and Acquisitions
  4. Corporations in Conflict and Disputes
  5. Educational Institutions 
  6. Ministries (Secretaries) Developing Regional Travel and Hospitality 

While Beyond Management Group “BMG” provides superior management expertise to Corporate Sector, Premier Hotels / Resorts, and World’s challenging and most attractive Tourism sectors, we stand out for innovation and excellence through supporting prestigious plans and out of the box approaches.

We offer excellence through vigorous review of historical data, innovative Sales & Marketing techniques, Revenue Management, diversity and modernization in quality and selection of each and every product, Finance Accounting overhaul, HR streamlining & by minimizing and mitigating the Risk. We Train & Develop future leaders by believing in Human Capital. We remain committed to financial performance, quality assurance, and growth without ever compromising on human capital’s peace of mind.

Technology Management

Technology is evolving faster than ever before, BMG realized that and earned a reputation for satisfying world-class clients with their most complex technical needs. We have a track record of delivering high quality results on most critical of projects. We have strong and deep rooted relations with our clients, big or small, where we fulfill their continuous need to upgrade while remediating the most intricate and the most challenging IT security vulnerabilities. Our clients retain our services for any and all of their following technical needs as we tailor our pricing models to offer all inclusive, stand alone, fully managed and or partially managed plans. 

  1. Upgrading applications and infrastructure (Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows)
  2. Professional documentation of Infrastructure and Application Life Cycle 
  3. Inventory Management of Systems and Tools 
  4. Monitoring 
  5. Build plans and build assistance from Technical Project Management to Design Tech Reviews to Issuing Permits to Operate
  6. Patch Management and Continuous Path Monitoring
  7. Internal and External Security Vulnerability Assesment and Remediations    

In-house Application Development

BMG’s internally based technology solutions and web portals are often referred to as in-house projects. These web applications and portals are developed, maintained, and managed by our very own DreamTeam™. We involve, indludge and interact with a group of IT specialists, expert in the development of online applications and portals. These experts then work hand in had with our DreamTeam™ in creation, assignment, development and maintenance of such applications and portals, including marketing and cost analysis. These exclusive applications and web portals act as online service providers, as they offer one of a kind platform for several companies to e-market their brand and products while catering to the end users, such as online shoppers looking for bargains, those seeking social interactions, and for those seeking a more reliable and safer internet browsing and shopping experience. 

Beyond Management Group’s professional management team provides an optimal balance of financial decisions, maintaining high standards, while continuously investing in human capital’s training through leading and motivating to achieve greatest overall satisfaction for our diverse clientele. We position ourselves to surpass all expectations and offer state of the art products and solutions with a competitive edge. 




BMG ranks Human Capital at the top most and believe in developing, empowering and retaining outstanding individuals who work productively as a team but more like a family to out-perform the competition through innovative programs, realistic yet swift marketing techniques, and by superior performance in recognizing and meeting clients’ needs, while effectively managing the Financial bottomline. We have and would like to continue to thrive in investing in our DreamTeam™. No wonder; “Once a Beyonder is always a Beyonder™”.