Why Beyond Management

Beyond Management is the right choice for students and young/experienced professionals looking to kick start and/or excel in the fields of Hospitality Management, Information Technology, Web Development and Design and E-marketing in United States, United Kingdom and Canada. We offer several internships, training and employment programs (for both long term and short term), as well as a cultural exchange program. Moreover, experienced professionals get the opportunity to work on our internal projects and at supervisory or management levels, allowing them to further excel and enhance their skills and expertise in the international market. Our training and employment programs are designed to meet the needs of students, young professionals, experienced professionals etc., who have different educational background, experience and professional goals. Hundreds of people have graduated from Beyond’s programs and are now doing extremely well in their respective career. To know more about these individual’s journey to success, please refer to Life Stories.

Beyond Management provides the most competitive and ideal platform, where an individual’s needs and ambitions are our top priority. In today’s competitive and fast paced world, getting the right platform for your career is imperative. High standards, excellent national and international reputation, safe surroundings and a multicultural environment are all factors as to why individuals pursue our training/employment programs. The unique approach of incorporating theory and practice makes our programs interesting, valuable and a rewarding experience.The internal based technology solutions and web portals can also be referred to internal/in house projects. These web applications and portals are developed, maintained and managed by our own team, which involves a group of IT specialists who are experts in the development of web portals. These experts are assigned to various aspects of developing a web portal, including marketing and cost analysis. The web portals act as an online service provider, as they provide a platform or an online portal for several companies to e-market their brand or product and at the same time provide easy and cheaper online services to the end user, such as online shopping, online dating, discount coupons, so on and so forth. These web portals benefit the customer, the end user, employees and Beyond Management all together.

Beyond Management also specializes in providing IT consulting services and so far has satisfied hundreds of customers, some of which are Fortune 500 companies. We understand businesses’ computer technology needs and we deliver the goods and services required to keep their computers running at top speed and maximum efficiency and help clients. Some of our clients include Coca Cola, Comerica Bank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and others.We also provide a 5 star service to hotel owners and managers by providing superior management services through management solutions, financial solutions, revenue management, training & development, Hotel Operations & Management, Food & Beverage.Beyond management Group develops and retains superior quality personnel who work productively as a team to out-perform the competition through aggressive marketing and sales programs, superior performance in recognizing and meeting customer needs, and effective financial management and internal controls for the IT, hospitality management and e-marketing industries.

Associated Benefits

Training & Development

  • Market assessment and analysis
  • Hospitality Management
  • Information Technology
  • E-marketing
  • Development of web applications & portals
  • Reopening budgeting and staffing
  • Production of five year operating proformas
  • Review of operational issues
  • Franchise recommendation
  • Cultural Exchange

HR & Risk Management

  • Leadership development training programs
  • Employee focus group facilitation
  • Active college recruiting program
  • Behavioral interviewing structure
  • Labor law compliance support
  • Internal payroll processing system
  • Fully automated human resource information system

Revenue Management Finance & Accounting

  • Cash control supervision
  • Quarterly payroll analysis
  • Coordination of external audits
  • Monthly profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet produced and distributed
  • Annual operational audits

Data processing / IT

Sales & Marketing

Food & Beverage

Hotel Operation & Management