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Nadine Mettke – Hospitality Manager.

I studied Hotel and Business in Germany. After I finished my studies I wanted to go abroad to attain international work experience.  I applied online through a German agency and after a certain process I was invited for a phone interview with Beyond Management, Inc. I gladly past my interview and I was offered a position in a Hotel in Atlanta. The first few months were very exciting and I learned a lot about the Hotel operations, the different mentality and so on. Beyond Management, Inc. gave me then a very great opportunity to start working as an Administrative Supervisor in their Corporate Office in Atlanta. This was very a exciting and challenging Journey. In those 4 years I have been with Beyond Management, Inc. I have grown with the company, I have learned very different things and I still do, I have also learned a lot about myself. Having an opportunity to work in such a Multi-Cultural Environment makes it even more fun and you just learn so much from each other. I can recommend Beyond Management to any Student who would like to take the opportunity to work abroad as it is very important to have a Company that knows what they are doing, gives you the support, and guides you through your entire internship.

Nadine Mettke
Hospitality Manager

Parul Joshi – Hospitality Manager.

I am Parul Joshi from India. I acquired my Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Tourism Management from IMI, Switzerland. After I graduated and completed my internships, I wanted to get an ambitious and challenging job, where I could nurture my skills and knowledge and utilize them to the best of my abilities. I was fortunate to have received the opportunity to work for Beyond Management, Inc. Its been over 3 years and every day has been extremely challenging. I have learned so much and in such a short span of time that I feel truly enlightened by the knowledge and skills attained through working for this company.Today I am the Hospitality Manager at Beyond Management and I have had an incredible journey. Moreover, I feel lucky to have worked in such a multicultural environment. Beyond Management acknowledges young talent and gives them the right platform and opportunity to grow, excel and accomplish their dreams. For me this job has been a dream come true.

Parul Joshi
Hospitality Manager

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