Operational Support & Management as a Service

BMG offers Operational and Management Support as a service for:



Business Startups

Tour and Event Management Companies

Tech Firms

We have a more visible focus and accountability towards our management practices. Our structure allows for more consistent and precise communication to ensure our approach is focused—from a business ownership perspective—on asset maintenance, daily operations, and management. We have an open and honest environment that encourages a less adversarial role between hierarchy and a more shared role to work together for solutions and ideas.

Beyond Management’s DreamTeam™ creates a Peer/Mentor environment as it relates to various brand partnerships. DreamTeam™ ensures brand procedures/programs are being implemented, sharing the best practices of various busines, hotel properties, resorts, and Tech firms we manage.

We have also created Beyond Engineering Council, where the best, Chief Engineers/Property Development Experts—within a peer review environment, offer advice and counselling on any new construction or remodeling of any physical properties of our managed hotels, resorts, and various other businesses. Our Engineering Council provides an expert source for properties to call upon if any questions should arise.

BMG takes the time to ensure that our Mission Statement is not just a document but a work in progress. Through BMG’s implementation of these systems, we can operate our managed businesses from the owner’s perspective, be good brand partners (as and if required) and have an open and honest environment to ensure we have fun while improving the assets we manage.

Other than offering fully managed operational services, we also take pride in the following standalone services that can be provided on demand individually.

Business Plans.
The strategic business plan created by BMG are the blueprint for success. Carefully thought-out plans include a realistic operating budget, a capital improvement budget and a sales and marketing plan. All such budgets and plans are consistent with current franchise and local market requirements; they include all the forecasting and competition analysis as required by various financial institutions for financing or by governmental agencies for compliance.

BMG offers a unique service of “Cost Per Product” and “Profit Per Product” where we take a deeper dive into every product you offer, or plan to offer,  and crunch numbers, analyze data and conduct a market analysis to offer you a comparison between CPP™ and PPP™.

Personnel Management.
Integral to any business’s success is the Human Capital. BMG takes pride in its recruitment ability, being able to find and keep the most competent force of future leaders, innovators, and intellectuals. Furthermore, the best available personnel are trained, motivated, and matched for all operational areas; a key to our success is the longevity of our Human Capital. We can manage your workforce with same passion as we have been, for over twenty (20) years.

BMG is well versed in ongoing Federal Regulations regarding personnel such as ADA, OSHA, FMLA and COBRA.

Renovations & Purchasing
With our Engineering Council and Consultants, we have developed close relationships with general contractors, major suppliers, and manufacturers. Due to economics of scale, purchasing power is evaluated and configured. BMG can save you tons in streamlining your next purchase by evaluating renovation cost and mitigating risk.

Associated Benefits

Training & Development

  • Market assessment and analysis
  • Reopening budgeting and staffing
  • Production of five year operating proformas
  • Review for operational issues
  • Complete walk through
  • Franchise recommendation

HR & Risk Management

  • Leadership development training programs
  • Employee focus group facilitation
  • Active college recruiting program
  • Behavioral interviewing structure
  • Labor law compliance support
  • Internal payroll processing system
  • Fully automated human resource information system

Revenue Management Finance & Accounting

  • Cash control supervision
  • Quarterly payroll analysis
  • Coordination of external audits
  • Monthly profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet produced and distributed
  • Annual operational audits

Data processing / IT

Sales & Marketing

Food & Beverage

Hotel Operation & Management