Human Resource Management Services (HMRS)

The administration of human resources is a critical function in every organization. This area is very dynamic and needs to have a team of dedicated professionals equipped to keep pace with ever changing rules and regulations. Beyond Management Group’s HRMS can administer all your human resource and work force management practices, initiatives, and goals. Policies, procedures, practices, and standards, backed by consistency, contribute to your organization’s culture and values. We have long been known for investing in our human capital, by concentrating on recruiting globally, spending on training, and developing and creating future leaders. We understand that managing workforce can be the most challenging and time consuming. Thus, we created customized, out of the box, solutions to help you manage and mitigate such challenges and frustrations so you can concentrate on what matters.

HRMS Key Benefits:

  • Legally reviewed personnel handbooks customized for you.
  • Background and other required testing and screenings.
  • Assistance with personnel file set-up and record retention.
  • Audits of personnel file information to verify correct hiring, disciplinary and termination procedures.
  • Negotiation of non-compete, intellectual property rights and confidentiality policies with your workforce.
  • Procurement of any special licenses and clearance as required for sensitive projects.

Training and Development:

  • On-site or remote targeted training conducted by certified corporate trainers.
  • Orientation (Pre-Arrival, Post Arrival, Onsite, Remote)
  • Off-site management training to include workplace violence, harassment, and hiring/termination procedures.
  • Continuous Training Course Allocation and Management.
  • Customized Professional Development & Team Building Initiatives
  • Retreats.
  • Performance Reviews and Evaluations.


  • Coordination of payroll with payroll service, self-managed or fully managed.
  • Preparation of all required payroll tax deposits and returns.
  • Bi-weekly review of payroll information to ensure compliance with local and international labor laws.
  • Garnishment and new hire reporting as required by law.


  • Oversight over proper personnel file set-up and maintenance.
  • Internal audit of personnel files to verify proper segregation of materials.


  • 401K Plan setups and monitoring.
  • Healthcare Trust Administration.
  • Value added additional benefit consultation.

Other standalone or packaged HR solutions:

  • Verification of adherence to OSHA laws through internal and external audit.
  • Verification of adherence to franchise standards and audits of required logs and committee meeting(s).
  • Active college recruiting program.
  • Leadership development training programs.
  • Multi-lingual employee opinion surveys.
  • Behavioral interviewing structure.
  • Labor law compliance support.
  • Annual human resource departmental audits.

Corporations, businesses, and independent contractors may request any of the above-mentioned service in a package or as a standalone product. We also offer you flexibility of creating your own package where you can select various services from each package to suit your HR needs. Please contact us for more information.

Associated Benefits

Training & Development

  • Market assessment and analysis
  • Reopening budgeting and staffing
  • Production of five year operating proformas
  • Review for operational issues
  • Complete walk through
  • Franchise recommendation

HR & Risk Management

  • Leadership development training programs
  • Employee focus group facilitation
  • Active college recruiting program
  • Behavioral interviewing structure
  • Labor law compliance support
  • Internal payroll processing system
  • Fully automated human resource information system

Revenue Management Finance & Accounting

  • Cash control supervision
  • Quarterly payroll analysis
  • Coordination of external audits
  • Monthly profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet produced and distributed
  • Annual operational audits

Data processing / IT

Sales & Marketing

Food & Beverage

Hotel Operation & Management