To change or alter a pathway may be frightening and overwhelming for many individuals. I knew a woman once who was terrified of change. She had adjusted to the life she lived that consistently remained stable and predictable. The uneasiness that is followed by transitioning into a complete different setting was unbearable for her. Her day regularly consist of attending school for a few hours, then spending the rest of the day at home in a daze wondering what the future may hold. As time progressed, she began to realize that she wanted more from life than the route she was taking. She yearned for a pathway that was filled with adventures, struggles, and opportunities that could only be imagined. It wasn’t until a bright and sunny morning where she woke up and felt a strong desire to change her destiny. She stopped being afraid and left her comfort zone to enter a world that was unpredictable. She entered the corporate industry and in to the world of Beyond Management.

Although it was difficult and consist of different aspects and responsibilities she wasn’t used to, she worked hard to achieve her goals and to create a life that she could be proud of. Ironically, the woman I’m describing is me. I’m proud to say that I am a part of the the Beyond Management team. We’re a big family that consist of strong and intelligent individuals all on the pursuit of success and happiness. I’ve learned an immense amount of information during my time here and have had the honor of meeting the most incredible people I’ve ever come across. Our Beyond Exchange participants consist of individuals that have traveled a long distance to come here and join our lovely team. It takes a lot of strength and courage to endure a transition this severe, which was enlightening and inspiring. In conclusion, many times we may be afraid to change a routine pathway, but the future holds many opportunities that can only be brought upon us if we give it a chance.

Shenel Daeizadeh
Executive Administrative Assistant