I am Parul Joshi from India. I acquired my Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Tourism Management from IMI, Switzerland. After I graduated and completed my internships, I wanted to get an ambitious and challenging job, where I could nurture my skills and knowledge and utilize them to the best of my abilities. I was fortunate to have received the opportunity to work for Beyond Management, Inc. Its been over 3 years and every day has been extremely challenging. I have learned so much and in such a short span of time that I feel truly enlightened by the knowledge and skills attained through working for this company.Today I am the Hospitality Manager at Beyond Management and I have had an incredible journey. Moreover, I feel lucky to have worked in such a multicultural environment. Beyond Management acknowledges young talent and gives them the right platform and opportunity to grow, excel and accomplish their dreams. For me this job has been a dream come true.

Parul Joshi
Hospitality Manager